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Weston Foster

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A little about me

and why I love real estate

I spent most of my younger years in Southwest Colorado until 2001, when my family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona. It was a great transition because I loved the outdoors and the mountains.  Later, I attended Flagstaff High School and spent most of my time after school playing golf at many of the nationally rated golf courses here in Flagstaff.

After graduating high school, I trucked down to Tempe, Arizona to attend Arizona State University to pursue a degree in Business Finance. During the summers, I worked at Forest Highlands as a Caddy and continued my passion for golf. During my time at ASU, I had an opportunity to work within the Automotive Industry as a Secret Shopper in car dealerships giving the data to various car manufacturers. After countless times of seeing car dealerships fail at meeting the sales demands of millennial car buyers, I knew I had a competitive advantage I wanted to use.

Once I graduated from ASU with my degree in Finance, I started my career in automotive sales. I strived to be the best for more than five years, developing sales teams, gaining competitive market share, and building long-lasting professional and personal relationships.

After returning to  Flagstaff, I met my lovely girlfriend Hannah, and we started building our little furry family. We have two amazing dogs that were both rescues from the Navajo Reservation, just north of Flagstaff. 

When I'm not finding you the perfect home to enjoy in Flagstaff and all its glory, I'm enjoying everything Northern Arizona has to offer myself. Whether that's Jeeping the vast diversity of the Northern Arizona landscape, golfing at over 7,000 feet, or taking the dogs on a hike. I feel like I have found the perfect place to call home.

As a Flagstaff local, I've witnessed this town's great transformation from a small college town south of the Grand Canyon to the Flagstaff we all know today.  I genuinely enjoy working with people and providing them excellent customer service and support in the journey to finding their home. I truly enjoy helping people find their dream home and to envision their life in full in a new, unfamiliar place. Whether that's finding the perfect neighborhood, plot of land, the right contractor, a neighborhood handyman, or a reference for a great meal, I can always help.

Listings you’ll love

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  1. 4 Beds,  4.5 Baths
    5,500 sqft   lot 38,769 sqft
    MLS 182513
    11 Days on Market
  2. 5 Beds,  5 Baths
    4,000 sqft   lot 17,424 sqft
    MLS 182555
    8 Days on Market
  3. 5 Beds,  3.5 Baths
    4,571 sqft   lot 1.04 ac
    MLS 182544
    10 Days on Market
  4. 4 Beds,  4 Baths
    3,304 sqft   lot 30,492 sqft
    MLS 182486
    12 Days on Market
  5. 3 Beds,  2.5 Baths
    3,130 sqft   lot 18,731 sqft
    MLS 182516
    10 Days on Market
  6. 5 Beds,  4 Baths
    3,167 sqft   lot 17,860 sqft
    MLS 182448
    16 Days on Market
  7. 5 Beds,  3.5 Baths
    3,159 sqft   lot 1.13 ac
    MLS 182611
    4 Days on Market
  8. 4 Beds,  3.5 Baths
    3,932 sqft   lot 19,167 sqft
    MLS 182621
    9 Days on Market
  9. 3 Beds,  2.5 Baths
    2,850 sqft   lot 25,265 sqft
    MLS 182449
    16 Days on Market
  10. 4 Beds,  3.5 Baths
    3,906 sqft   lot 15,246 sqft
    MLS 182454
    16 Days on Market