The Significant Benefits of HomeOwnership

The Significant Benefits of Homeownership - Justin Bemis Real Estate

According to Keeping Current Matters, mortgage rates have fallen over the last year more than a full percentage point. Obviously, this is great for anyone thinking about homeownership or anyone who currently owns a home. Here are a few ways today’s low rates provide benefits.

  1. Refinance: There are significant savings to be had in the long term when you refinance for a lower mortgage rate and payment. But remember you may be facing hefty closing costs upfront as well. Check out my handy mortgage calculator to see what those payments might look like.
  2. Scale Up or Downsize: It may be possible for you to move into that new home you’ve been considering. Using the equity in your current home towards a down payment might just be the key to your family’s dream home.
  3. First Time Home Buyers: Given the cost of rent in Flagstaff, considering homeownership is a great way to save monthly and earn equity with some real estate. Check out this blog on the cost of renting versus buying.

The Significant Benefits of Homeownership - Justin Bemis Real Estate

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